Friday, June 20, 2008

My Teacher's Feet

Let me tell you of something that happened to me years ago. I was a freshman in high school, young and somewhat rebellious during the hours of school. My chemistry teacher, Ms. She-ba, was a tall, proud woman, and from the very first day of class I saw that she had an eye on me. It was about the middle of the year, when I received instruction from her to meet her after school in her classroom, to discuss a few things. According to her request, I met her after school."Well, well, well... what am I going to do with you, young man?" she chipped. "Your grades in here, despite your potential, are substandard, and you insist on talking and clowning around during class. I think it's time you learn your place honey.""From here until the end of the year, if you want to pass this class, you will come to my classroom, everyday, and work as my own personal student assistant, is this understood?""Um, yes ma’am, I guess; if I have to," I replied."Good," she smiled.Ms. She-ba was a very demanding woman; she loved bossing me around, ordering me to do things around the classroom etc. She was a tall "short hair" in her mid-40s, intelligent and unmarried without kids, and thus spent most of her time focusing on her career as a teacher.One day as I was helping her grade some papers, sitting at the other end of her desk, she gently put her foot on my lap and asked me if I would remove her heel and give her a foot massage. Slightly embarrassed by the request and blushing I alas complied. I removed her shoe. Immediately I could smell her stocking-feet, sweaty and tired from her long day, and I started massaging it."Mmm, that feels so good honey, don't stop. Here, do the other one too," she said.And so there I was, massaging my teacher's feet. I must admit, after a while the pungent smell dispersed, and I actually began to focus hard on pleasing her the way best I could."Listen darling," she said, "since it's Friday and we seem to be all done here, how about you come home with me to resume this massage, so I can get more comfortable and you may more fully finish the job on my poor, aching feet.""Um, okay Ms. She-ba," I answered."Excellent," she responded smilingly.When we arrived at her home, she told me to have a seat on the couch in the living room while she slipped into something "a bit more comfortable." After about five minutes, she returned in nothing but a robe and sat down next tome on the couch.I could smell her odor now everywhere around the house, and I must say, I was aroused to be taken to be at the feet of my teacher. Her feet, now bare, were large size 10s, and needless to say, I knew it might take a while to loosen them up and refresh them; and the odor now was still coming off them."Take off your clothes," she smiled. "I want to see your naked body as you kiss my feet."At this demand, I suddenly became pale white. Had I been lured into the den-of-slavery? After a brief hesitation, I abided and started taking off my clothes."I want everything off," she said."Er, um, yes maam.""Good boy."She then stood up from the couch and took off her robe. To my surprise, she had nothing on under the robe except her panties, and her bare breasts were now showing in front of me. She was an astonishing woman, way out of my league; but there I was, fully aroused, a trapped stag at the mercy of a grand lioness.She then stood over me as I sat on the couch and reached down and grabbed my now full erection."Mmmm, this will be sufficient for the weekend, but first I want you to come lay down and kiss my feet."So I laid down face up at her feet whilst she stood there, and immediately she lifted up her leg and foot from off the ground as she stood and put her sole over my mouth. The smell was strong."Kiss.""That's it sweety," she cooed as she rubbed her foot around on my kissing lips.Then she inserted her big toe into my mouth. At this, I began sucking and licking her toes and in between them while she stood with one foot in my mouth.She then moved to sit down on the couch while I continued laying there and this time she put both her feet on my face and starting rubbing them all over."Give me a tongue bath my young slave. Bathe those feet," she continued rubbing, "stick your tongue out."I must've laid there under her feet for an hour, sucking her heels, kissing and refreshing her feet and toes. I was now her total foot-slave."You're doing such a good job, honey," she looked down to smile. "I want you to know now that this will be your job. My feet and toes I want to be your personal focus for the year."Then she took her feet off my face and stood up and looked down on me from between her legs. Me, I just looked up, her panties still on, at her towering figure."Let's go into the bedroom now," she said.And she walked on into her chambers. Getting up, I followed her in and she was there sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for me."Come over here and take off my panties, and close the door behind you."I then asked her to show her leg to see the anklet. She showed me her feet. I then said her that we will play a game. She asked me which game.I asked her to assume that her anklet is made up of iron and my hand is magnet. She said OK. I ten moved my hand near my face she then moved her feet near my face slowly I touched her feet. My cock was erect. Then I gradually brought her feet down and down until it touched my cock. My cock was above to burst. I enjoyed her feet to extreme.The next day also I called her to play magnet game, but this time she directly placed her feet on my stiff cock...

This is my math teacher's feet that I fantasize about all day long. I think I have a serious I am addicted to her feet!
Thanks for listening.

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denzell Moore said...

Wow man great story... it had so much detail. .. I could see everything in my head! !!! I love feet♥